Exposed! NIMASA’s N144 billion budget for 2015 – Another victory for CUPS and for Nigerians!


We recently extensively exposed how the former Director General at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Mr. Z. P. Akpolokem, connived with the former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and others, to award himself, family, friends, and fellow Niger Delta militants bogus contracts worth billions annually. The NIMASA budget for this year alone stood at N144 billion. See attached approved budget document. NIMASA Approved Budget

It can be recalled that on 16/7/2015, Mr. Akpolokem was sacked by his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari. CUPS was reliably informed that Mr. Akpolokem tried to award his wife a whopping contract of N2.5 billion on the same day that he was sacked.

Following his sacking, CUPS is reliably informed that Mr. Akpolokem has been formally invited by the EFCC for a preliminary interview on Thursday, 30/7/2015. We are delighted with this development. It is our hope that the EFCC will thoroughly investigate every single contract awarded during the entire tenure of Mr. Akpolokem. Similarly, we hope that the EFCC will investigate every signatory, such as Sambo Dasuki, who appeared to have supported the bogus contracts awarded by Mr. Akpolokem.

The fight against corruption, tyranny, genocide, and occupation continues unabated at CUPS. It is a sealed covenant between us and fellow Nigerians that we shall continue with this patriotic work and never flinch until our people are completely free.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Revealed! How former President Goodluck Jonathan, former Minsiter of Transport, and former DG NIMASA defrauded Nigerian a whopping N3.5 billion in a Shoreline scam contract! – Part 4


During the last days of the Goodluck Jonathan regime, there was a last minute dash to loot the Nigerian treasury. The CUPS organisation continues to expose some of the scandalous scam contracts awarded to the former president’s friends and associates.

The Federal Executive Council under Goodluck Jonathan held its last meeting on Wednesday 20/05/2015. During that meeting the FEC approved a bogus contract of three billion, five hundred and seventy nine million, ninety eight thousand, five hundred and thirty seven Naira and seventy Kobo (N3,579,098,537.70) to Messrs Ponkebi Nigeria Ltd. This contract was supposedly for the protection of Shoreline at the NIMASA Science and Technical College, Okoloba, Delta state.

The approval letter for the award of the multi-billion Naira scam was conveyed to the former NIMASA DG in a memo written by Godwin Okereke (Director of Procurement), Ministry of Transport, Reference TPROC/NIMASA/P/C/988/1/21, and dated 16/5/2015. Download the approval letter here: NIMASA Fraud4

The key actors in this scam are ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, the former Minister of Transport (Senator Idris A. Umar), the former Minister of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs, the former DG NIMASA (Mr. Patrick Ziakede Akpobolokemi), and the former Secretary to the Federal Government (Pius Anyim Pius).

CUPS will forward this document to the relevant authorities for further investigation and prosecution of the culprits.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

Revealed! How Goodluck Jonathan, Sambo Dasuki, and the former DG NIMASA, Mr. Z. P. Akpolokem connived to defraud Nigeria billions of Naira! – Part 3


The news has been all over the social media that the former NSA, Sambo Dasuki, was arrested by the DSS and subsequently released. We contend that the release of Dasuki is a strategy by the authorities to gather more evidence against him. Going by the evidences against Mr. Dasuki, which we received from different sources, the case against him is overwhelming. He is complicit in grandeur theft, treason, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Following our two earlier exposes, today we release documents connecting the former DG NIMASA, Mr. Ziakede P. Akpobolokem, Mr Dasuki, and the ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, in a scam for defrauding Nigeria a whopping sum of $2.5 million (N500 million). See attached PDF file. NIMASA Fraud3

On 9/4/2015 the former DG NIMASA raised an invoice for $2.5 million being payment for 12 months “Satellite Surveillance” in favour of a company called Messrs Klaymans Mirad BTS Ltd. In order to justify this scam, a 10 point argument was attached to the invoice forwarded to Mr. Dasuki by Mr. Akpobolokem. On 22/4/2015 Mr. Dasuki wrote ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, endorsing this bogus contract. On 27/4/2015, the ex-President Goodluck Jonathan wrote back approving the contract.

Within a period of no more than 3 weeks, Goodluck Jonathan and his cabal defrauded the Nigerian state a whopping sum of $2.5 million (N500 million). Research conducted by CUPS showed that the so called “Satellite Surveillance” for a period of 12 months could be very efficiently conducted at a justifiable cost of no more than $100,000! We will pass our evidence to the relevant authorities for investigation and prosecution.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

How NIMASA, GEJ, and Sambo Dasuki defrauded Nigeria billion: Part2


The CUPS organisation continues with its exposure of the grandeur financial theft at NIMASA until all the documents at our disposal are laid bare for Nigerian masses to see. Find attached is the latest document that covers one episode. We too believe that when Nigerians voted overwhelmingly for his Excellency, PMB, on the 28th March 2015, they did not vote for amnesty for anyone.

On 15/04/2015, the current DG NIMASA (Mr. Ziakede P. Akpobolokem) wrote the former NSA (Sambo Dasuki) requesting for N447 Million, being payment for a project called “Implementation of International Ship and Port Facility Security – ISPS”. The bogus project was meant to be for consultancy, enforcement activities, and verification/inspection exercise. On 22/04/2015, Mr. Dasuki duly wrote ex-President GEJ, endorsing the project. On 27/04/2015, ex-President GEJ wrote the former NSA swiftly approving it.

Within a period of just 12 days, Nigerians were defrauded of a whopping N447 Million. The speed at which these huge sums of monies were requested and released is an indication of a grandeur conspiracy between GEJ, Dasuki, and DG NIMASA. This was part of the last minute ransacking of the Nigerian treasury by GEJ and his cabal after losing the Presidential election.

The level of theft at NIMASA can only be described as war crimes and crimes against humanity. To this end, we call upon his Excellency, PMB, to freeze the bank accounts and assets of ex-President GEJ, Sambo Dasuki, and the current DG NIMASA. We also call upon his Excellency to freeze both the local and foreign accounts of NIMASA itself, with immediate effect, so as to stop the rot.

Those who brought death and destruction to Nigerians showed our people no mercy. Therefore there should be no mercy when justice is dispensed upon them.

Here is the authentic collection of documents relating to this scandal obtained by CUPS for download: NIMASA Fraud2

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.