Breaking News! – Multi-billion Naira corruption scandal exposed at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria. Download full 32 pages report here!


On 11/8/2015, we reported the case of ongoing grandeur theft running into billions of Naira at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN), Oron, Akwa Ibom State. We alleged that the Rector, Mr. Joshua Okpo, has been systematically looting State funds meant for the development of the Academy. On 23/8/2015, we wrote a follow-up blog in which we lamented the living conditions of some of the staff at the Academy.

Today (1/9/2015), we are delighted to announce that a detailed report on the grandeur theft and financial embezzlement at MAN is completed and ready for download. It is in form of a petition letter addressed to the EFCC Chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Lamorde, for his consideration. Download the petition letter here: Petition-Letter-to-EFCC-Chairmain-1-9-2015

We seize this opportunity to thank the brave people of the Oro nation in Akwa Ibom Sate, who deemed it fit to to commence such a high level investigation that culminated into this petition. Special thanks to the President of the Oro Youth Movement (OYOM), Comrade Joseph Ekong Enam, and the Secretary of the Movement, Comrade Victor Mpofor, for mobilising local resources and signing the petition. You are role models for Nigerian youth. You are our heroes. Our special gratitude also goes to the patriotic staff of the Academy, who worked discretely behind the scenes, to make this petition become a reality.

Significant effort was mobilised to put this 32 pages petition together. It is our hope and prayers that the EFCC Chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Lamorde, to whom the petition is addressed, will look into the matters eluded to urgently.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerian. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

CUPS (Citizens United for Peace and Stability).