On 22/8/2017, we wrote an article titled “How the Boko Haram conspiracy works – Part 1”. Today, we are continuing with the series, starting with a startling eye witness account of how Nigerian army officers are deeply complicit in the Boko Haram conspiracy. On this occasion, soldiers executed more than 50 local fishermen and then blamed it on Boko Haram!

This is the Eye Witness account:

If you can remember, some weeks ago, some fisher men were killed in Baga. Do you know that they were not killed by Boko Haram, but killed by the same people saddle with the responsibility of protecting them?

I have so many friends and relatives there, they crossed to Niger Republic and told me everything that transpired there.

Baga used be to one of the largest fish markets in Nigeria. Masha Allah. What happened was, the soldiers have now converted to become big merchants. They monopolised everything that has to do with import of goods from various local government. They stopped fishing and closed the market. What they do, they will make the local fishermen fish for them and pay them.

The same fishermen will be used to smoke the fish for them and pack the fish and send it to Southern Nigeria directly from there. If the fishermen fished and smoked the fish, they will not allow them to transport it to Maiduguri, but force them to sell it to the soldiers.

In a nutshell, when the chairman of the local government realized the implication, he talked to the officer in charge of the area. He argued that since peace has been restored to the area, the army should allow the fishermen to come and continue with earning their livelihood. And he promised to give them N2 million monthly and they agreed.

When the locals fished for about 2 months safely, the soldiers realized that they were not getting what they used to get. And they can not openly stop the fishermen, since we all know that there are no Boko Haram in the whole area as the terrorists were completely eradicated by multinational JTF.

Tragically, one unfortunate day, just few weeks ago, the soldiers just went and opened fire on the fishermen and killed more more 50 of them. They then claimed that the fishermen were killed by Boko Haram, since nobody can debunk them. Following this massacre, the locals stopped fishing and the soldiers have gone back to their business of fishing!

Wallahi, these are just some of the atrocities and conspiracies committed by corrupt army officers in my area. If you dare come out and challenge them, they will then tag you as a Boko Haram member or their sympathizer.

As for Buratai himself, last two months when Boko Haram attacked Jiddari Polo, he was in town and the scene of the attack and his guess house is not up two kilometers apart. He was sighted sitting down in front of his house smiling at the people that were escaping from the attack and passing in front of him. From the beginning of the attack to the end he was seated undisturbed.

Some days to the said attack, the locals of the village called Goni Kachallari when they saw the movement of Boko Harram insurgents, they alerted the soldiers near federal high court that they saw Boko Haram members who are filling long holes excavated to prevent the terrorists from getting easy access to Maiduguri. The soldiers responded by saying ok, that Boko Haram cannot enter Maiduguri, so they should not worry themselves. They reported three times to the soldiers, but the soldiers refused to take any action until when Maiduguri got attacked through the same route.

After three days of the incidence, the soldiers went and burnt down the village completely! They accused the villagers of being hypocrites! Please, what is their fault? They have seen suspicious movements and alerted the authority. Instead of them to be rewarded, they were harshly and unjustly punished.

Ok, Doctor, these are just tip of the iceberg.

Yours sincerely,

Victim of Boko Haram and Nigerian Army.




Fellow compatriots, since the lazy, corrupt and not fit for purpose Nigerian media are not willing or able to condemn or investigate the abduction and disappearance of Datti Assalafiy, we at CUPS have made it our business to investigate this national scandal and inform you accordingly. We contacted Datti’s family and interviewed them, so as to get accurate information.

For those who don’t know him, Datti Assalafiy is a serving police officer, working as a special instructor at the Police Training College in Bauchi. Besides his job as a law enforcement officer, Datti’s other passion is to investigate and expose the Boko Haram conspiracy. To this end, Datti created a platform on Facebook where he shared his thoughts and the outcome of some of his investigations. He has 5,000 Facebook friends and over 17,000 followers. Please check his page and judge for yourselves. The scale of his work against Boko Haram on social media is second to none!

Now, recently, Datti threatened to expose the treacherous relationship between Boko Haram and some corrupt military, security and law enforcement officials. As a professional investigator and an insider, Datti knows a lot about the ongoing dirty work between these evil forces. Money is collected from Boko Haram to undermine the fight against the insurgency. This is one of the reasons why the insurgency lasted as long as it did, and has suddenly started gaining momentum.

On Tuesday, 18/7/2017, Datti was visited at his place of work by the Army Brigade commanders of Gombe and Bauchi, in the company of other security officers, believed to be DSS operatives. They interrogated him and without warrant unlawfully confiscated his two mobile phones. Knowing that he had nothing to worry because he never broke the law, Datti remained calm and continued with his job as though nothing worrisome had happened.

On Thursday, 20/7/2017, the same Army commanders along with other security operatives came to Datti’s place of work and took him away. He has not been seen since that day. All attempts by his family to persuade the Police, Army and DSS authorities to reveal his whereabouts have proved futile. In the mean time, Datti’s young wife with her baby and the rest of his family are left in agony and bewilderment.

The imbecility, criminality and sheer callousness shown by the abductors of Datti Assalafiy is mind boggling. To think that these corrupt officers are supposedly working for the Nigerian state is so painful and beyond belief. Make no mistake about it, Datti’s abduction is a woeful attempt to cover up. While Datti is being held unlawfully against his will and possibly tortured for trying to expose treason against the state, Boko Haram are on rampage in Borno state with vengeance.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Security of lives and property of the populace is the absolute responsibility of any government. Unfortunately, due to corruption by some treacherous elements among our intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies, Boko Haram is coming back with vengeance! We as a people of the North East can no longer afford this. We have already paid enough price.

Enough is enough of this Boko Haram nonsense. The despicable unlawful abduction and detention of anti Boko Haram activist, the gallant Police Officer, Datti Asalafiy, by military and security operatives on Tuesday, 18/7/2017, says it all. More than three weeks after his abduction, nobody knows where Datti is. He left behind a wife and a less than 2 years old daughter.

If you are a male over 18 years of age and from the North East, just be prepared to take up arms to defend our ancestral land from the marauding terror barbarians. We intend to get permission directly from the Presidency, to establish Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) in every village, town and city across the North East.

Remember, Boko Haram are NOT little green men from planet Mars. Yes, they are armed to the teeth. However, they are a tiny little insignificant percentage of our population. If we can wake up from our wretched slumber, get rid of our cowardice, and mobilise ourselves in a carefully planned manner, be rest assured that we can defeat them comprehensibly.

It is a fact that Boko Haram are far more afraid of the CJTF than they are of the Nigerian military. This is because CJTF are fighting to the death to defend their lands of birth. God willing, we will take advantage of this fact to make our communities safe.

Watch this space for further information.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Fellow compatriots, if we are to create a great nation that will serve us and be a role model for the rest of the African continent, among others, our intelligence, security, law enforcement and all other paramilitary organizations MUST learn to respect the RULE of LAW and also mutually respect each other.

The gangster manner in which Army and DSS operatives unlawfully abducted Officer Datti Assalafiy from his place of work to an unknown destination for over three weeks now, is grotesquely appalling and manifestly unlawful.

There is NOTHING brave in sending armed Army/DSS officers to rampage a police training centre and cart away a serving police officer in his uniform! Even the criminal Mafia Don, Evans, could have done a better job!

Assuming Datti broke the law, which is NOT true, and has since been vehemently denied, what is wrong in the Army/DSS inviting him to their office for an interview or even caution? What happened to that decorum of intra-agency communication and collaboration? Being a serving police officer, could the Army/DSS not ask the anti-terror unit of Nigeria Police to investigate Datti of any alleged wrongdoing? What is so special about the DSS arresting a serving police officer? They are pathetic. This is all about ego and criminal cover up!

Even the worst criminals in the land are mostly invited by the EFCC, if they have a case to answer for. It is after the initial interview that further actions or inactions are taken. This is the civilised way of doing things.

The manner in which the Army/DSS operatives abducted Datti confirms his statement that they are AFRAID of the possibility that he would expose their criminal connivance with Boko Haram. He has already exposed their connection with the fugitive Boko Haram commander, who appeared as no 245 on the military wanted list of terrorists.

Fellow compatriots, after three weeks following his unlawful abduction, nobody knows where police officer Datti is. This shenanigan can ONLY happen in Nigeria, where law makers are law breakers, and law enforcers are equally bad.

In response to this brazen affront to the rule of law by the Army/DSS, we at CUPS are mobilising patriotic Nigerians at home and around the globe to an indefinite protest outside the DSS office in Bauchi. We will remain there until Datti is released.

If you want to participate in this peaceful and patriotic protest, kindly use Facebook Messenger to send me your email address and telephone number. Please DO NOT leave your contact detail on this wall.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.



Like Nnamdi Kanu, Adeyinka Grandson is a Yoruba extremist and a tribal bigot, who has special hatred for the Hausa/Fulani. He has been using the social media platforms to fan hate material against the Hausa/Fulani. He has already posted a blog on Facebook, detailing how he will obtain biological weapons to wipe out the Hausa/Fulani peoples.

Below is a blog culled from his Facebook page, which was posted on 4/8/2017. It is mind boggling. This guy makes Nnandi Kanu look like a new kid on the blog!

It is important to mention that this guy does NOT speak for the good people of Yoruba land. In fact, there is a concerted effort by UK based Yoruba brothers and sisters to have him arrested and charged for terrorism.

“How Hausa/Fulani, through the Federal Government of Nigeria, under the current unitary presidential system, funnelled trillion of Naira paid by the Yoruba tax payers in form of the Petroleum Profit Tax, into remodeling the Hausa/Fulani’s public social infrastructures whilst Yorubaland remains poor and underdeveloped.

Total, Shell, Chevron, Mobil, Agip, Texaco and Conoil are the major participants in the Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

Each of the companies has two major subsidiaries.

Subsidiary 1: Exploration and Production.

Subsidiary 2: Marketing and Distribution.

Subsidiary 1 is involved in the exploration for crude oil and turned same into finished petroleum products. It incurred, hypothetically, ₦3.00k, being the price of extraction of crude oil (₦1); the cost of refining the crude oil (₦1); and payment for Petroleum Profit Tax (₦1), respectively. It then passed on the finished product to the subsidiary 2 at ₦3.00k.

Subsidiary 2 is involved in the marketing and distribution of the finished petroleum products. For this, it adds, hypothetically, extra ₦2.00k to the completed product, being its profit (₦1), and payment for Corporate Income Tax (₦1), and passed on the final product to the end users at ₦5.00k.

The end users are vehicle owners and associated secondary users of oil products. In the long run, the end users, actually paid for the Petroleum Profit Tax. And from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistic data released on 31 July 2017 for Q2 2017, there are 11.5 million vehicles in Nigeria, of which 65%, that’s 7.5 million vehicles are within the Yoruba’s region.

Since the end users are responsible for the payment of the Petroleum Profit Tax, this means that the Yoruba’s tax payers, incurred 65% of the trillion of Naira (₦) paid as PPT. Yet, every month and particularly during the sharing of the monthly allocation by the Federal Government, the Hausa/Fulani’s region gets more money from the Petroleum Profit Tax because it has more fake population, more states and more local governments than the Yoruba’s region. This is an economic injustice and wouldn’t have been possible under a regional system of government.

The Hausa/Fulani will never tolerate a return to the regional system of government because of its reliance on the Yoruba’s wealth and resources as well as the Niger Delta’s oil, for its public social infrastructures.

It is imperative for the Yoruba’s Youths to support our organized violence to bring about a return to the regional system of government or outright dissolution of Nigeria.”

Source: Adeyinka Grandson FB page.


Since this dangerous terrorist is based here in the UK, there is a lawful way to decisively deal with him by reporting his activities to the authorities, online. Any material, electronic or otherwise, which is promoting genocide, terrorism, extremism, communal violence etc can be reported anonymously to the following UK government website:

Fellow compatriots, please be PATRIOTS. Stand and be counted. Report Adeyinka Grandson to the UK Authorities now!

May God Save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Below is a personal statement, written in Hausa language, by the patriot and human rights activist Datty Assalafiy, who is currently under arrest by the Army, for exposing the whereabouts of wanted Boko Haram terrorist number 245 on the military wanted list! This is mind boggling

Wanda bai san halin da ake ciki ba zaiyi mamaki, amma mu da mukasan Nigeria ce bamuyi mamaki ba Daya daga cikin ‘yan ta’addan Boko Haram wanda sojoji suke nema ruwa a jallo (wanted) shine mai lamba na 245, shine wanda kwanaki nace ya samu damar shigowa Nigeria zuwa markazinsa domin ya karbi jan ragamar ayyukan ta’addanci a cikin kasa, ga abinda yace min kamar haka; !

“Datti kana cewa kai ba jami’in tsaro bane amma kana musu aiki Datti? Duk bayanan sirri da ka basu ya dawo kunnenmu Datti, abin mamaki wani muhimmin labari da na samu daga wadansu manyanku, abinda na biya wanda ya kawomin labarin bai wuce kudin ticket na jirgi daga Nigeria zuwa London ba !

Datti kace wai kanason shiriyata amma sai gashi kanata kokari wajen sanar da wadanda kake ganin kamar zasu iya maka abunda kake bukata cewa wai su dauki mataki a kaina ! kai baka tinanin cewa kana fadar maganarce kamar a kunne na?

Lallai ya kamata kagane cewar akwai bukatar ka daidata tinaninka, dan wadanda kake kira garesu dinma bazasu iya yimaka komai ba ! Sannan naga kana jajantawa mutanen Jiddari Polo akan tafjir da aka fajjara musu jiya ko? Kada ka dinga damun kanka ba’ayi daya daga cikin dari ba a iznin Allah Datti”

Jama’a kunga irin cin amanar ko? Domin kunsan muna da mahukuntan tsaro fannoni da daama a Nigeria, wallahi Allah Shine shaidana tun daga lokacin da na samu bayanan sirri daga ‘yan Boko Haram nayi iya bakin kokari na wajen sanar da wasu bangarori na tsaro harma wasu na wakilta suka tura sakon, kuma kowani bangare na hukumomin tsaro akwai irin salon bayanan sirri da na tura musu domin abi diddigin wannan ‘dan ta’adda da ake nema wanted zai shigo Nigeria a cafke, amma abin mamaki sai gashi yau yana sanar dani cewa wai bayanan sirri da na bayar ya dawo kunnensu.

Allah Ya sauwake Wallahi na yarda da bangaren rundinar sojin Nigeria karkashin jagorancin Lt. Gen. Buratai da mukarrabansa irinsu Maigida Birgediya Janar Sani Usman Kuka Sheka, suna kokari wallahi, amma inaso jama’a su fahimci cewa su wadannan suna yakin gaba da gaba da ‘yan ta’addane, amma abinda ya shafi yaki ta bangaren dake dauke da alhakkin bin diddigin bayanan sirrin Boko Haram anan ne matsalar take, kuma anan ne ake cin amanar masu kishin kasa da zaman lafiya.

Banyi mamaki ba, don nasan haka yasha faruwa, ina yawan tuna lokacin da wani babban jami’in tsaron Nigeria ‘dan asalin garin Gwoza ni da wasu a gabanshi yake bayyana mana, shekarar da kafin Boko Haram su kwace garin Gwoza ya rubuta takarda a sirrance ya turawa manyan jami’ai masu ikon Abuja akan cewa shi yasan sirrin garin Gwoza da tsaunukan dake kewaye da garin, domin ya farauci kauyen tun yana yaro tare da kakanshi da mahaifinshi, don haka yana bukatar a bashi jagorancin wata rundinar jami’an tsaron hadin gwiwa domin suje su kalubalanci ta’addancin Boko Haram a yankin Gwoza da kewaye.

Amma yace mana ya kai wasikar ba’a wuce kwanaki biyu ba ‘yan Boko Haram suka kirashi suke gargadinsa harma da yiwa rayuwarsa barazana, saboda anci amanarsa, an sanar dasu Shiyasa wani lokaci bana gain laifin mutanen da suke boye bayanan sirrin ‘yan Boko Haram da suka buya a cikin al’umma ga jami’an tsaro, saboda tsoron abinda zai biyo baya, wannan babban kalubale ne da cikas da baraza. Muna rokon Allah Ya magance mana.

Na dauki lokaci mai tsawo ina ganin laifin ‘dan jarida mai zaman kansa Ahmad Salkida harma nayi kira ga mahukunta akan a kamashi saboda ya tsare daga Nigeria, ashe hakan danayi kuskuren fahimta ne mai girma, domin yanzu nake fahimtar matakin da ya dauka shine mafi daidai a gareshi, tunda ya bayyana kansa an sanshi ansan har dakin da yake kwana Domin Nigeriace muke cikinta.

Wadanda suke aikin tsaron suka bada gudunmuwa irinsu namijin soja Abu Ali babu wani cikekken tsaro da ya samu, karshe ma amanarsa akaci aka hallakashi, ballantana wani farar hula? Akwai mutanen su Mamman Nuur Alqadi wadanda nasan zasu iya taimakawa mahukunta a farauci Shekau, amma tsoron cin amana ita ta hanasu yin hakan.

Shekau da mabiyansa zasu biya kudi ko nawane ga maciya amana a basu bayanan sirri su halaka duk wanda yake kokarin kawo musu cikas irinsu Marigayi Abu Ali. Allah Ya jikanshi. Ga babban malaminmu marigayi Sheikh Albaniy Zaria, wallahi babu wani dalibinshi hatta makusanta da sukasan yayita kokarin shawo kan matsalar Boko Haram a sirrance tsakaninsa da mahukuntan Nigeria a wancan lokaci, duk bayanin da kukaji daga bayinsa a kasusuwansa bai bayyana irin namijin kokarin da yayi ga mahukunta ba, amma kuga karshen abinda suka saka masa dashi, sukaci amanarsa sukayi masa sharri da kasancewa ‘dan Boko Haram, daga bisani ma aka hallakashi.

Shin wadannan matsaloli da suke faruwa daga ina suka samo asali ne? Ko dai laifinmu ne mu talakawa Allah Ya jarrabemu da matsaloli? Ku saurari dogon rubutunmu dake tafe, idan akayi anfani dashi zamu samu mafita insha Allah Yaa Allah Ka jikanmu Ka gyara mana abinda yafi karfinmu.

Marabuci: Datti Assalafiy.