Fellow compatriots, on behalf of the CUPS organisation, I write to wish our brothers and sisters, both Muslims and Christians, at home and around the world, a very HAPPY EID AL-ADHA. May the Almighty God accept our worship, sacrifices and prayers, Ameen.

The last 12 months went by like a rocket. It is fair to say that we expect to have advanced better than where we are today. The unfortunate absence of his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, for medical treatment gave enemies of the Nigerian state opportunity to play havoc with the destiny of our nation.

Over the 103 day that Baba Buhari was away in London receiving medical attention, the good the bad and the damn right ugly happened to us. The ugly bits are the resurgence of Boko Haram, mainly due to corruption, and the despicable attempt to break our dear country by people who have never known any success in their wretched lives other than 419 scams. The shenanigans going on in our judiciary is also deeply regrettable.

The limited successes attained by the traitors undermining the Nigerian state during Buhari’s absence was not because they are smarter than us or larger in number than us. Far from it, these wicked and greedy people attained their successes to a large extent because the vast majority of us chose to be docile. We are still sleeping in hopeless slumber, choosing not to confront corruption and tyranny when the show their ugly faces. We have propensity towards cowardice. This is regrettable.

The ONLY way that we will be able to kill off corruption and overcome tyranny is by us becoming active citizens. Every single one of us matters. Everyone of us is gifted by the Almighty God, and can make a difference in his or her own unique way. On the occasion of this Eid, I seize the opportunity to call on fellow compatriots to wake up from this slumber and be active. Let us challenge corruption from our homes to our offices. Let us fearlessly fight tyranny whenever and wherever it shows its satanic face.

Once more, I wish my fellow compatriots a very Happy Eid. Please don’t forget to share the Eid meat and food with our Christian brothers and sisters. Remember, we are one people who share the same destiny. Therefore, sharing food is not a big deal!

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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