Mr. Igwesi Richie, a Facebook user, left me the following questions to answer under a blog I posted earlier.


Dr Idris Ahmed, I want you to bring up ur argument lets dissect it properly don’t be biased lets discuss as human beings not as Nigerians or as biafrans.

1, what activities of Ipob made u label them as terrorists.

2, the reason why bokom Haram has not been stamped out is just because of only three months Buhari has been away, then Wat happened in the other months he has been around.

3, why must Nigeria remain United even when is clear that you as a person don’t trust a igbo man in a sensitive position and an igbo man don’t trust you in same position.

Lets analyse this points clearly before we move into another


Fantastic. Finally, I managed to meet an intelligent guy who does not agree with me but can hold a discussion devoid of personal insults. I respect you. I have taken time to respond to your questions as follows:

1. Beyond any doubt, IPOB is a terrorist organization. I have watched so many video clips on Facebook in which Nnamdi Kanu talked about mobilizing weapons and financial resources to wage war against the Nigerian state. I have also listened to Radio Biafra in which he agitated for the same. Just before his arrest, Nanndi Kanu imported telecommunications equipment and installed it unlawfully on MTN masts, so that he could broadcast his illegal and divisive propaganda against Nigeria and Nigerians. Recently, despite being on stringent bail conditions, he set up what he called Baifra army and Biafra security service. This makes him and his followers as combatant rebels, and therefore cannot be protected by the Geneva convention as civilians. They can be lawfully targeted by the military. Finally, just yesterday, IPOB terrorists in Aba and Portharcourt went on rampage. They burnt down mosques and properties belonging to Hausa/Fulani/Northerners. They also killed many people in the process. But my organisation CUPS is calling on our people in the North to avoid reprisals.

2. Boko Haram has not been stamped out primarily due to foreign intervention and corruption in Nigerian military. I have seen with my eyes, a detailed report of massive corruption by senior military officers, who siphon off billions of Naira meant for purchasing arms and ammunition to their personal use. As you quite rightly noticed, the insurgency gets worst only when Buhari travels outside. The fact remains true that Buhari is working hard to decapitate the terrorists.

3. Nigeria must remain united at all cost! This is non-negotiable. Just for argument’s sake, let us say we allow Biafra to go, which of course will never happen, where do you draw the borders of Biafra? All neighboring tribes and states to the 5 Igbo states have already raised alarm that they will never accept Biafra. In the meantime, Nnamdi Kanu is laying claims to some neighbouring states that have only tiny Igbo populations! Now, assuming Biafra breaks away, what about the other agitators who also want to break away from Nigeria? Do we allow them stay or go? Where does it end? The gospel truth is this; If we allow Biafra to happen, then the entire country will be up in flames. We will end up with so many little countries trying to swallow each other up. Nigeria will be in a perpetual state of war. The rest of Africa will then be run over by millions of Nigerian refugees fleeing from the war. Africa will become one huge refugee camp! And that will be the end of the Blackman! For these reasons, trust me if you can, Biafra will never be.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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