Written by Akintunde Adeyemo (USA).

You can’t send police officers to quench a quasi-military camp, which is maintained by Nnamdi Kanu, who has aggressively vowed to tear apart a sovereign nation, Nigeria. Kanu made a serious mistake by parading a ragtag army; especially when you have a former General as the president, that was disrespectful.

I lived in Nigeria for more than two decades, Nigerian soldiers don’t like to be disrespected; in fact, from working with soldiers in the United States (Michigan National Guard, Joint Forces Headquarters), I can tell you that, generally, soldiers don’t like to be disrespected.

If someone, a civilian for that matter, maintains and parades militants (wearing a military uniform), he should not expect the government to roll in with police officers and patrol vans; he should reasonably expect army tanks.

Pursuant to the 1949 Geneva Conventions Article 3, your status changes once you start wearing an army uniform, for you have become an enemy combatant: A recognized army (the Nigerian Army, in this case) can use force to neutralize you and your fellow militants.

Let’s gaze into history here: When the 1791 “Whiskey Rebellion” happened in the United States, spearheaded by some civilians, President George Washington did not send in police officers, he brought in military tanks to quench the rebellion.

In the United States, when violence escalates, a governor, pursuant to Title 32 of the United States Code, can summon the army and their tanks to the street (didn’t you watch CNN at the height of the “Black Lives Matter movement;” didn’t you see numerous armoured personnel carrier (APC) on the street)?

Let’s stop pretentiously invoking the violation of the rule of law, especially if you don’t understand the rule of law and the rule of engagement. A military incursion, or rolling of tanks, into a street, in order to clear the illusion of outlaws, like Nnamdi and his cohorts, is not a violation of the rule of law, but an enforcement of the rule of law.

If Kanu is scared of a small deployment of soldiers, will he chicken out when battalions are deployed? To his supporters, we told you this: secession is not won on Facebook. Continue arguing about the violation of the rule. Listen, when hostility begins, the rule of law is suspended or amended. I hope we won’t get there. Start listening.


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