Fellow compatriots, without shadow of a doubt, corruption in the military is the worst form of corruption in Nigeria. It threatenes the very corporate existence of the Nigerian state. This is why we at CUPS are determined, with the help of patriotic Nigerians, to bring corruption in the military to the barest minimum.

The recent resurgence of the Boko Haram insurgency has everything to do with corruption in our military. Our gallant soldiers at the warfront are criminally sent to their early graves by the callous and treacherous generals, while our civilians are also needlessly dying in the hands of the terrorists. We are a nation of over 200 million industrious people. Unfortunately, we are being taken for a ride by a gang of criminal traitors, who number no more than few thousands at best. This absurd situation must immediately stop!

From this point onwards, we at CUPS will be releasing to the public domain, all the investigations that we have carried out on corrupt military officers, from the generals at the top, to the last man in the pecking order!

Today, 25/8/2018, we are releasing the file of one Mr. Bukar Abubakar. He is a Group Captain serving in the Nigerian Air force. His last known post is the Chief Logistics Officer, Operation Lafia Dole, based in Maiduguri. His previous positions include Cashier at Defence Headquarters (2009 – 2012), and a military attaché to Nigerian High Commission, London, UK (2014 – 2015).

This corrupt Group Captain stole billions of public funds and built hotels in Nigeria and South Africa. He also built mansions in Kaduna and Abuja. Find attached is the 30 pages report, which has since been sent to the EFCC. Please share this report, so that it goes viral.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

Download full report here: Group Captain Bukar Abubakar



Mr. Igwesi Richie, a Facebook user, left me the following questions to answer under a blog I posted earlier.


Dr Idris Ahmed, I want you to bring up ur argument lets dissect it properly don’t be biased lets discuss as human beings not as Nigerians or as biafrans.

1, what activities of Ipob made u label them as terrorists.

2, the reason why bokom Haram has not been stamped out is just because of only three months Buhari has been away, then Wat happened in the other months he has been around.

3, why must Nigeria remain United even when is clear that you as a person don’t trust a igbo man in a sensitive position and an igbo man don’t trust you in same position.

Lets analyse this points clearly before we move into another


Fantastic. Finally, I managed to meet an intelligent guy who does not agree with me but can hold a discussion devoid of personal insults. I respect you. I have taken time to respond to your questions as follows:

1. Beyond any doubt, IPOB is a terrorist organization. I have watched so many video clips on Facebook in which Nnamdi Kanu talked about mobilizing weapons and financial resources to wage war against the Nigerian state. I have also listened to Radio Biafra in which he agitated for the same. Just before his arrest, Nanndi Kanu imported telecommunications equipment and installed it unlawfully on MTN masts, so that he could broadcast his illegal and divisive propaganda against Nigeria and Nigerians. Recently, despite being on stringent bail conditions, he set up what he called Baifra army and Biafra security service. This makes him and his followers as combatant rebels, and therefore cannot be protected by the Geneva convention as civilians. They can be lawfully targeted by the military. Finally, just yesterday, IPOB terrorists in Aba and Portharcourt went on rampage. They burnt down mosques and properties belonging to Hausa/Fulani/Northerners. They also killed many people in the process. But my organisation CUPS is calling on our people in the North to avoid reprisals.

2. Boko Haram has not been stamped out primarily due to foreign intervention and corruption in Nigerian military. I have seen with my eyes, a detailed report of massive corruption by senior military officers, who siphon off billions of Naira meant for purchasing arms and ammunition to their personal use. As you quite rightly noticed, the insurgency gets worst only when Buhari travels outside. The fact remains true that Buhari is working hard to decapitate the terrorists.

3. Nigeria must remain united at all cost! This is non-negotiable. Just for argument’s sake, let us say we allow Biafra to go, which of course will never happen, where do you draw the borders of Biafra? All neighboring tribes and states to the 5 Igbo states have already raised alarm that they will never accept Biafra. In the meantime, Nnamdi Kanu is laying claims to some neighbouring states that have only tiny Igbo populations! Now, assuming Biafra breaks away, what about the other agitators who also want to break away from Nigeria? Do we allow them stay or go? Where does it end? The gospel truth is this; If we allow Biafra to happen, then the entire country will be up in flames. We will end up with so many little countries trying to swallow each other up. Nigeria will be in a perpetual state of war. The rest of Africa will then be run over by millions of Nigerian refugees fleeing from the war. Africa will become one huge refugee camp! And that will be the end of the Blackman! For these reasons, trust me if you can, Biafra will never be.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Written by Akintunde Adeyemo (USA).

You can’t send police officers to quench a quasi-military camp, which is maintained by Nnamdi Kanu, who has aggressively vowed to tear apart a sovereign nation, Nigeria. Kanu made a serious mistake by parading a ragtag army; especially when you have a former General as the president, that was disrespectful.

I lived in Nigeria for more than two decades, Nigerian soldiers don’t like to be disrespected; in fact, from working with soldiers in the United States (Michigan National Guard, Joint Forces Headquarters), I can tell you that, generally, soldiers don’t like to be disrespected.

If someone, a civilian for that matter, maintains and parades militants (wearing a military uniform), he should not expect the government to roll in with police officers and patrol vans; he should reasonably expect army tanks.

Pursuant to the 1949 Geneva Conventions Article 3, your status changes once you start wearing an army uniform, for you have become an enemy combatant: A recognized army (the Nigerian Army, in this case) can use force to neutralize you and your fellow militants.

Let’s gaze into history here: When the 1791 “Whiskey Rebellion” happened in the United States, spearheaded by some civilians, President George Washington did not send in police officers, he brought in military tanks to quench the rebellion.

In the United States, when violence escalates, a governor, pursuant to Title 32 of the United States Code, can summon the army and their tanks to the street (didn’t you watch CNN at the height of the “Black Lives Matter movement;” didn’t you see numerous armoured personnel carrier (APC) on the street)?

Let’s stop pretentiously invoking the violation of the rule of law, especially if you don’t understand the rule of law and the rule of engagement. A military incursion, or rolling of tanks, into a street, in order to clear the illusion of outlaws, like Nnamdi and his cohorts, is not a violation of the rule of law, but an enforcement of the rule of law.

If Kanu is scared of a small deployment of soldiers, will he chicken out when battalions are deployed? To his supporters, we told you this: secession is not won on Facebook. Continue arguing about the violation of the rule. Listen, when hostility begins, the rule of law is suspended or amended. I hope we won’t get there. Start listening.


Fellow compatriots, with deep regret and heavy heart, following the sad news of the destruction of human lives and property in Abia and Rivers state, by IPOB terrorists, targeted at perceived Hausa/Fulani/Northerners, I call on our people in the North to show high level of maturity, intelligence and patriotism, and avoid reprisal attacks. May the souls of those who died in this senseless provocation rest in peace. Ameen. As for those who have been maimed or lost properties, may the Almighty God replace their losses with better blessings. Ameen.

I present to you my arguments as follows:

A dangerous semi illiterate loser from London, found his way back to Nigeria and meticulously conned his gullible people into accepting him as their so called freedom hero and Messiah. Nnamdi Kanu and the vast majority of his senseless pedestrian followers were not born when we fought the unfortunate Biafran war. Millions of people lost their lives. These ill informed people do not know the misery, death and destruction that war brings. It is therefore too easy for them to beat the drums of war.

Furthermore, the same wicked and senseless IPOB terrorists are oblivious of the fact that if reprisal attacks were to happen in the North, our Igbo brothers and sisters living in the North will sustain far worse losses than anybody else. This is because quite often, they own big assets and own more successful businesses than their host communities. But then, the sanctity of Igbo lives in the North and security of their properties have never been Nnamdi Kanu’s concerns! The intoxicated young man is busy basking in the delusion that he will one day become the head of state of the Biafra nation.

While Kanu and his fellow-travellers are recklessly playing Russian Roulette with the destiny of our great nation, we must not allow ourselves to be used as pawns to achieve their deadly dream of carving Biafra out of Nigeria. We must therefore avoid reprisals, and remain calm and law abiding at all times. On a similar note, it will help our cause if all Igbo leaders living in both the North and South East, unreservedly condemn the senseless destruction of human lives and properties committed against Northerners living in the South East. Furthermore, they should distance themselves from this suicidal agitation for Biafra.

President Muhammad Buhari is an Army General and two times head of state. He gallantly fought the Biafran war. He comprehensively wiped out Maitatsine. He spectacularly repelled the Chad aggression. Were it not for his three months absence due to illness, Boko Haram would have been history by now. With this impeccable record of fighting wars and defeating insurgency, let us give our Commander in Chief the benefit of the doubt. Let us believe that he will deal decisively with the IPOB terrorists, just the same way he has been dealing with Boko Haram.

Notwithstanding our call to avoid reprisals in the North while remaining calm and law abiding in the face of naked aggression by IPOB, the unity and territorial integrity of the Nigerian state MUST never be negotiated, even if it means going into full scale war with IPOB!

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


The USA Senate’s powerful Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, released a 328 page document in which the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, was indicted for grandeur theft and money laundering of over $40 million into the USA. Atiku’s case is covered between pages 173 to 242 of the document.

The money was laundered through his fourth wife, Mrs Jennifer Doglas Abubakar. Mrs Jennifer, who claimed to be a student, opened 30 bank accounts across the USA to launder the money.

This money laundering scandal explains why Atiku Abubakar will NEVER be able to travel to the USA again, despite owning assets and millions of dollars there.

This damning document has been in public domain since 2010. We hereby share it for your review and record keeping. Please just click on the hyperlink below to download it. Thanks.

USA Senate Report On Atiku’s Money Laundering Case


You can say how does this concern me? Well, it does concern me. First and foremost, I am a human being with conscience. Secondly, I have the God given ability to discern what is right from wrong. And thirdly, I have fundamental human right to freely express my opinions.
Now, the hypocricy and double standard of the so called “developed countries” and the “International Community” is beyond belief. In broad day light and with impunity, genocide is being committed by the despotic and barbaric regime of Myanmar against the poor Rohingya people, yet NOBODY is saying a word about it!
What is the stance of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Amnesty International, Transparency International, Human Rights Watch, etc?
SHAME, SHAME, and SHAME on you all for allowing war crimes and crimes against humanity to be perpetrated against the Rohingya people.
May the Almighty God save all oppressed people on earth. Ameen.
Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Fellow compatriots, on behalf of the CUPS organisation, I write to wish our brothers and sisters, both Muslims and Christians, at home and around the world, a very HAPPY EID AL-ADHA. May the Almighty God accept our worship, sacrifices and prayers, Ameen.

The last 12 months went by like a rocket. It is fair to say that we expect to have advanced better than where we are today. The unfortunate absence of his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, for medical treatment gave enemies of the Nigerian state opportunity to play havoc with the destiny of our nation.

Over the 103 day that Baba Buhari was away in London receiving medical attention, the good the bad and the damn right ugly happened to us. The ugly bits are the resurgence of Boko Haram, mainly due to corruption, and the despicable attempt to break our dear country by people who have never known any success in their wretched lives other than 419 scams. The shenanigans going on in our judiciary is also deeply regrettable.

The limited successes attained by the traitors undermining the Nigerian state during Buhari’s absence was not because they are smarter than us or larger in number than us. Far from it, these wicked and greedy people attained their successes to a large extent because the vast majority of us chose to be docile. We are still sleeping in hopeless slumber, choosing not to confront corruption and tyranny when the show their ugly faces. We have propensity towards cowardice. This is regrettable.

The ONLY way that we will be able to kill off corruption and overcome tyranny is by us becoming active citizens. Every single one of us matters. Everyone of us is gifted by the Almighty God, and can make a difference in his or her own unique way. On the occasion of this Eid, I seize the opportunity to call on fellow compatriots to wake up from this slumber and be active. Let us challenge corruption from our homes to our offices. Let us fearlessly fight tyranny whenever and wherever it shows its satanic face.

Once more, I wish my fellow compatriots a very Happy Eid. Please don’t forget to share the Eid meat and food with our Christian brothers and sisters. Remember, we are one people who share the same destiny. Therefore, sharing food is not a big deal!

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.