Mr. Igwesi Richie, a Facebook user, left me the following questions to answer under a blog I posted earlier.


Dr Idris Ahmed, I want you to bring up ur argument lets dissect it properly don’t be biased lets discuss as human beings not as Nigerians or as biafrans.

1, what activities of Ipob made u label them as terrorists.

2, the reason why bokom Haram has not been stamped out is just because of only three months Buhari has been away, then Wat happened in the other months he has been around.

3, why must Nigeria remain United even when is clear that you as a person don’t trust a igbo man in a sensitive position and an igbo man don’t trust you in same position.

Lets analyse this points clearly before we move into another


Fantastic. Finally, I managed to meet an intelligent guy who does not agree with me but can hold a discussion devoid of personal insults. I respect you. I have taken time to respond to your questions as follows:

1. Beyond any doubt, IPOB is a terrorist organization. I have watched so many video clips on Facebook in which Nnamdi Kanu talked about mobilizing weapons and financial resources to wage war against the Nigerian state. I have also listened to Radio Biafra in which he agitated for the same. Just before his arrest, Nanndi Kanu imported telecommunications equipment and installed it unlawfully on MTN masts, so that he could broadcast his illegal and divisive propaganda against Nigeria and Nigerians. Recently, despite being on stringent bail conditions, he set up what he called Baifra army and Biafra security service. This makes him and his followers as combatant rebels, and therefore cannot be protected by the Geneva convention as civilians. They can be lawfully targeted by the military. Finally, just yesterday, IPOB terrorists in Aba and Portharcourt went on rampage. They burnt down mosques and properties belonging to Hausa/Fulani/Northerners. They also killed many people in the process. But my organisation CUPS is calling on our people in the North to avoid reprisals.

2. Boko Haram has not been stamped out primarily due to foreign intervention and corruption in Nigerian military. I have seen with my eyes, a detailed report of massive corruption by senior military officers, who siphon off billions of Naira meant for purchasing arms and ammunition to their personal use. As you quite rightly noticed, the insurgency gets worst only when Buhari travels outside. The fact remains true that Buhari is working hard to decapitate the terrorists.

3. Nigeria must remain united at all cost! This is non-negotiable. Just for argument’s sake, let us say we allow Biafra to go, which of course will never happen, where do you draw the borders of Biafra? All neighboring tribes and states to the 5 Igbo states have already raised alarm that they will never accept Biafra. In the meantime, Nnamdi Kanu is laying claims to some neighbouring states that have only tiny Igbo populations! Now, assuming Biafra breaks away, what about the other agitators who also want to break away from Nigeria? Do we allow them stay or go? Where does it end? The gospel truth is this; If we allow Biafra to happen, then the entire country will be up in flames. We will end up with so many little countries trying to swallow each other up. Nigeria will be in a perpetual state of war. The rest of Africa will then be run over by millions of Nigerian refugees fleeing from the war. Africa will become one huge refugee camp! And that will be the end of the Blackman! For these reasons, trust me if you can, Biafra will never be.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.



Fellow compatriots, with deep regret and heavy heart, following the sad news of the destruction of human lives and property in Abia and Rivers state, by IPOB terrorists, targeted at perceived Hausa/Fulani/Northerners, I call on our people in the North to show high level of maturity, intelligence and patriotism, and avoid reprisal attacks. May the souls of those who died in this senseless provocation rest in peace. Ameen. As for those who have been maimed or lost properties, may the Almighty God replace their losses with better blessings. Ameen.

I present to you my arguments as follows:

A dangerous semi illiterate loser from London, found his way back to Nigeria and meticulously conned his gullible people into accepting him as their so called freedom hero and Messiah. Nnamdi Kanu and the vast majority of his senseless pedestrian followers were not born when we fought the unfortunate Biafran war. Millions of people lost their lives. These ill informed people do not know the misery, death and destruction that war brings. It is therefore too easy for them to beat the drums of war.

Furthermore, the same wicked and senseless IPOB terrorists are oblivious of the fact that if reprisal attacks were to happen in the North, our Igbo brothers and sisters living in the North will sustain far worse losses than anybody else. This is because quite often, they own big assets and own more successful businesses than their host communities. But then, the sanctity of Igbo lives in the North and security of their properties have never been Nnamdi Kanu’s concerns! The intoxicated young man is busy basking in the delusion that he will one day become the head of state of the Biafra nation.

While Kanu and his fellow-travellers are recklessly playing Russian Roulette with the destiny of our great nation, we must not allow ourselves to be used as pawns to achieve their deadly dream of carving Biafra out of Nigeria. We must therefore avoid reprisals, and remain calm and law abiding at all times. On a similar note, it will help our cause if all Igbo leaders living in both the North and South East, unreservedly condemn the senseless destruction of human lives and properties committed against Northerners living in the South East. Furthermore, they should distance themselves from this suicidal agitation for Biafra.

President Muhammad Buhari is an Army General and two times head of state. He gallantly fought the Biafran war. He comprehensively wiped out Maitatsine. He spectacularly repelled the Chad aggression. Were it not for his three months absence due to illness, Boko Haram would have been history by now. With this impeccable record of fighting wars and defeating insurgency, let us give our Commander in Chief the benefit of the doubt. Let us believe that he will deal decisively with the IPOB terrorists, just the same way he has been dealing with Boko Haram.

Notwithstanding our call to avoid reprisals in the North while remaining calm and law abiding in the face of naked aggression by IPOB, the unity and territorial integrity of the Nigerian state MUST never be negotiated, even if it means going into full scale war with IPOB!

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Fellow compatriots, today is Arafat day, which is the 9th day of the Holy Month of Dhul-Hijjah 1438 After Hijrah. As most of you are aware, the first 10 days of this month of Dhul Hijjah are among the holiest days of the Islamic Calender. Muslims are encouraged to do lots of good deeds during these 10 days, which includes fasting today and concludes with sacrifice of animals tomorrow.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “There is no deed that is better in the sight of Allah or more greatly rewarded than a good deed done in the (first) ten days of Al-Adha”. It was asked, “Not even Jihad for the sake of Allah?” The Prophet (PBUH) replied, “Not even Jihad for the sake of Allah, unless a man goes out himself for Jihad taking his wealth with him and does not come back with anything.” Narrated by Al-Bukhari.

Muslims around the world, including our brothers and sisters in Nigeria will be slaughtering cows, camels, sheep, and goats tomorrow. A lot of raw meat and cooked food will be shared among neighbours, families and friends.

Now, what about our Christian brothers and sisters who live with us as friends and neighbours in the same communities? Do we share with them our meat and cooked food or do we simply ignore them and pretend that they do not exist?

In Allah’s name, in the spirits of the Eid Al-Adha festivities and in the best interest of sowing the seeds of unity among our people, I call upon our Muslim brothers and sisters to share their Eid meat and cooked food with our Christian brethren. If for whatever reasons we are not able to invite them to our homes, let us make efforts and deliver the raw meat or cooked food to their homes. I promise you that this gesture will be highly appreciated.

Please don’t listen to religious and tribal bigots who will dismiss this appeal as unislamic. I am not a Muslim scholar, but I assure you that there is absolutely nothing unislamic in sharing your food with our Christian brothers and sisters. In fact, it is a meritorious thing to do in these last 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah.

Over the last couple of decades, corrupt politicians, bigoted tribal/religious leaders and vision-less elites have used religion to divide and rule over us to their advantage. Because of the severity of how we have been disenfranchised by the ruling elites, we the masses have lost the capacity to think straight and act individually or collectively in our best interests. At the slightest provocation, we resort to communal, ethnic and religious violence. Quite often we end up killing each other, burning down our houses, destroying our places of worship and destroying our vital infrastructure, all in the name of senseless revenge. In the meantime, the criminal masterminds of these atrocities are living luxurious lifestyle in far away cities.

The idea of encouraging our Muslim brothers and sisters to share their Eid food with our Christian brothers and sisters is to heal the wounds of mistrust and hatred in our communities. Make no mistake about it, both Muslims and Christian in Nigeria are one people who share the same destiny. If we are smart, then we must find ingenious ways defeat our enemies from within, and learn to live harmoniously together. We will never prosper as a nation until such a time that we tolerate and respect each other.

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Chimezie Precious wrote this on my wall:

I will change nationality any day u assume any position in this country. The kind of hate in your heart for Ndigbo would make mockery of the Rwandan genocide if you are given a position of authority. Mr Idris Ahmed you are a fool. Hate will kill you . you are a big dissapointment to manhood. I hate you. If I have my way you will be a dead man. Idiot.

My response:

I actually don’t hate Ndigbo. I have the utmost respect for our Igbo brothers and sisters. I travelled extensively in the South East. I lived in Due Line area of the Garden City of Port Harcourt for nearly 4 years. I therefore got to know a lot about the cultures, norms and traditions of the Igbo, Kolokuma, Kalabari, Ikwerre and other native tribes living in the riverine area.

Just recently, when some mischief makers released anti Igbo song in Hausa language, intended to cause physical harm and potential loss of human lives, I was among the first people to publicly condemn it and pleaded with our people not to even listen to it, let alone act upon it! Furthermore, I chastised Sahara Reporters for publishing it!

I think you are confusing my hate for the agitation to break Nigeria up with a delusional hate that you think I have for Ndigbo. Let us talk one to one. I am sure we will iron out our misunderstanding and even become real friends. Trust me, a love all Nigerians. I am very passionate about a prosperous multi ethnic and multi cultural Nigeria.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.


Fellow compatriots, if we are to create a great nation that will serve us and be a role model for the rest of the African continent, among others, our intelligence, security, law enforcement and all other paramilitary organizations MUST learn to respect the RULE of LAW and also mutually respect each other.

The gangster manner in which Army and DSS operatives unlawfully abducted Officer Datti Assalafiy from his place of work to an unknown destination for over three weeks now, is grotesquely appalling and manifestly unlawful.

There is NOTHING brave in sending armed Army/DSS officers to rampage a police training centre and cart away a serving police officer in his uniform! Even the criminal Mafia Don, Evans, could have done a better job!

Assuming Datti broke the law, which is NOT true, and has since been vehemently denied, what is wrong in the Army/DSS inviting him to their office for an interview or even caution? What happened to that decorum of intra-agency communication and collaboration? Being a serving police officer, could the Army/DSS not ask the anti-terror unit of Nigeria Police to investigate Datti of any alleged wrongdoing? What is so special about the DSS arresting a serving police officer? They are pathetic. This is all about ego and criminal cover up!

Even the worst criminals in the land are mostly invited by the EFCC, if they have a case to answer for. It is after the initial interview that further actions or inactions are taken. This is the civilised way of doing things.

The manner in which the Army/DSS operatives abducted Datti confirms his statement that they are AFRAID of the possibility that he would expose their criminal connivance with Boko Haram. He has already exposed their connection with the fugitive Boko Haram commander, who appeared as no 245 on the military wanted list of terrorists.

Fellow compatriots, after three weeks following his unlawful abduction, nobody knows where police officer Datti is. This shenanigan can ONLY happen in Nigeria, where law makers are law breakers, and law enforcers are equally bad.

In response to this brazen affront to the rule of law by the Army/DSS, we at CUPS are mobilising patriotic Nigerians at home and around the globe to an indefinite protest outside the DSS office in Bauchi. We will remain there until Datti is released.

If you want to participate in this peaceful and patriotic protest, kindly use Facebook Messenger to send me your email address and telephone number. Please DO NOT leave your contact detail on this wall.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Ameen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.



Abuja – The N5 billion lawsuit filed by Abdulmumin Jibrin against the CUPS organisation for publishing stories about the budget padding had its first hearing today at the FCT High Court 36, Apo, Abuja.

Neither Abdulmumin Jibrin nor his senior lawyers attended the hearing. However, Mr Jibrin did send a representation made of 3 young lawyers. On his part, Dr Ahmed was represented by Barrister Anthony Agbonlahor (SAN) and six other lawyers.

The case began with Mr. Jibrin’s female lawyer praying to the Court for the case to be suspended, pending on when the court documents are officially served on Dr. Idris Ahmed in the UK.

Barrister Agbonlahor (SAN), however, objected to the claimant’s application. He pointed out to the Court that it is shear theatrics for the claimant to want to delay the case purely on the basis of wanting more time to serve the court documents to Dr. Ahmed. He averred that the claimant had more than 3 months to serve the Court documents but failed to do so, why now?

Furthermore, he said that Dr. Ahmed had already made private arrangement and secured the Court documents directly from the Court, completely avoiding the claimant’s involvement. Therefore there was no need to delay proceedings purely on the basis of serving Court documents to Dr. Ahmed.

On the issue of when would the full trial commence, Barrister Agbonlahor prayed to the Court to grant him time to study the claim documents, prepare full defence, and file counter claim against the claimant. The Judge granted this request and adjourned the case to 1st of November 2016.

Report filed by


Fellow compatriots, friends, brothers and sisters, on behalf of myself, family and CUPS members both at home and around the world, I write to wish you all a very Happy Eid Al-Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice). May the Almighty God accept our sacrifice and fervent prayers for the salvation and betterment of our fatherland. Amen.

This Eid al-Adha came to us at a time when our country is facing so many challenges, mainly at home, with a few ones from abroad. The fact remains true that our people at home are going through immense hardships. Due to high cost of living, life has become unbearable for many of our people. Some of the stories of abject poverty reaching us are so heart wrenching to publish.

The challenges that we face outside of Nigeria such as the fall of crude oil price and the rise of foreign currencies against the Naira are not of our making. These are factors determined by global market forces. However, ills like the gross mismanagement of our economy, incompetence, looting of national wealth, tribalism, nepotism, religious bigotry, and damn right terrorists acts like those perpetrated by Boko Haram, Niger Delta Avengers, IPOB, MASSOB, MEND etc are all of our making, albeit committed by a tiny wicked misguided minority.

Despite the major challenges eluded to above, recent events have also shown that we as a nation have the capacity to mobilise both our human and natural resources to not only save our country from peril, but also make her one of the greatest countries on the planet.

In the month of June, we saw how for the first time in decades, 70% of the federal, states and local governments financial allocations came from non-oil sectors. This means that our efforts to diversify the economy and reduce dependence on the oil sectors have started working. Agriculture is the key, but we have also seen encouraging signs in the mineral exploration sector. Federal, states and local governments, including private enterprises, must pursue this diversification vision until we free Nigeria from total dependance on the oil sectors. There are many countries that don’t have a single drop of oil and have only a fraction of our human capital, yet they are far more prosperous than we are. We must fix this anomaly.

On security, we have all witnessed how the relentless onslaught on Boko Haram terrorists by the collective efforts of the Nigerian military (Army, Airforce and Navy) under the guidance of a new no-nonsense Commander in Chief, President Muhamamdu Buhari. This collective effort has yielded spectacular results in less than a year. The Haramites have been decapitated to oblivion. We are also witnessing how the new kids on the block called the Niger Delta Avengers are being made to meet their Waterloo in Operation Crocodile Smile.

On war against corruption, as of June 2016, over $3.1 billion (N1.085 trillion) was recovered from grandeur looters within just six months. More previously untouchable individuals like former military generals, former ministers, and other senior government officials are being charged and detained in prisons than ever before. Without shadow of a doubt, there is absolute determination by his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, to fight corruption and recover all looted funds. As long as agencies like the EFCC, ICPC, DSS, Police and the Ministry of Justice are discharging their duties appropriately, We will bring corruption to the barest minimum.

Ironically, it is this unprecedented war against corruption and terrorism, and attempt to diversify our economy that is earning Nigeria respect, and President Muhammadu Buhari getting a hero’s welcome and standing ovation wherever he goes around the world. Suddenly Nigerians are being respected outside Nigeria. Meanwhile foreign investors like the Chinese, Indians, Australians and the Russians are coming to invest in our infrastructure, mineral exploration, and defence.

Without delving into any tribal, religious and partisan politics, it is fair to say that despite the challenges outlined above, the Federal Government is reasonably playing its part of the “Change” deal, even though it still needs to do a lot more in the areas of poverty alleviation.

Now, how about we the masses who espoused for change by voting this government into power, what exactly are we doing collectively and as individuals to consolidate this change? The gospel truth is that we have been sleeping in slumber for far too long. Voting Buhari’s government into power is half the deal. We need to wake up, change our BAD ways, and take responsibility for the destiny of our country.

During the national re-orientation campaign tagged “Change Begins With Me”, which was launched last Thursday at the Presidency, President Buhari made the following pertinent points:

“Before you ask ‘where is the change they promised us’, you must first ask ‘what have I done to be part of the change for the greater good of society.”

The President also said,

“If you have not seen the change in you, you cannot see it in others or even the larger society.”

For the avoidance of doubt, we the masses need to change the way we conduct every aspect of our lives. I will try to outline few relevant points below:

1. Family as the basis of society.

Starting from family level, which is the basis of any civilised human society, we must take full responsibility for the upkeep of our wives and children. This means working hard to generate wealth to pay for food, clothes, shelter, medicine, transport, education, and other life essentials. Reprehensible practices like “Baby factories” and “Almajiri” are not only cruel, they are destructive to our communities, and must therefore stop. It is a crime against humanity to bring children into this world, who we cannot look after, and who end up having no sense of identity and belonging and our society.

2. Insatiable appetite for consuming foreign goods.

Over the years, we in Nigeria have cultivated this calamitous habit of consuming what we don’t produce. We have insatiable appetite for foreign made goods more than any other country on the planet. This significantly depletes our foreign currency reserve, devalues the Naira, and undermines our economy. We must learn to consume made in Nigeria goods or keep enriching producer nations forever, while we remain poor.

3. Attitude to work.

Our attitude to work is appalling! It is only in Nigeria where government employees show up at work anytime they like and leave anytime they like. Others only show up at work to collect their salaries at the end of the month. This is wholly unacceptable. We will never be able to build a vibrant prosperous nation with this attitude to work. Like all civlised nations, we must go to work on time, work conscientiously, and leave only after working hours.

4. Attitude towards corruption.

Our attitude towards corruption is even more disastrous. This is why corruption has become a cancer that is rapidly killing us. Many of us want quick fixes, and the finer things in life, yet we lack either the skills or hard work needed to acquire such finer things. The end result is that such people engage in looting of public funds, armed robbery, and drugs peddling. Living in contentment within our means is another way of changing ourselves for the better.

5. We are docile in exposing crimes.

We Nigerians are notoriously docile! We see bad things being committed around us by a very few, yet we lack the courage to report it to the authorities. If we want real change in our societies, we must report criminality whenever we see it. The use of Smarthphones is now pervasive in our society. Using your Smartphone to capture video, audio and images of an incidence for forwarding to relevant authorities is not rocket science. If all the criminals are made aware that somebody may be recording their criminality and reporting them, the level of crimes in our communities will be significantly cut down.

6. We have poor level of participation in democratic processes.

Our participation in democratic processes and good governance is also appalling. It is for this reason that we have criminal gangsters everywhere in Nigerian politics, from the National Assembly to the local government councils. These fraudsters enact policies that are inimical to our very existence as a nation. Their main priority is to enrich themselves and their families, escape justice for the crimes they committed, and perpetually remain in power. Today, Nigeria is a nation of over 180 million people. Amazingly enough, we are being held to ransom by corrupt individuals numbering not up to 10,000! To change this absurd situation, we must all strive to participate in democratic processes, human rights activism, and good governance.

7. Poor attitude towards education.

Poor attitude towards education is one of the most devastating areas affecting our nation. While previous successive governments systematically neglected our educational systems to the point of dilapidation, the same government officials looted our financial resources only to send their children to foreign universities to get the best of education. Meanwhile corruption by both officials and students is ravaging the already comatose educational system. Some University authorities divert funds meant for building lecture theatres, classes, laboratories etc. Meanwhile morally bankrupt lecturers insist on sleeping with their female students just to pass them in exams. The end result of all this shenanigan is that we have graduates from Nigerian universities who can neither speak nor write proper English. Make no mistake about it, without a sound educational system that produces graduates in par with the rest of the world, we will never be able to compete and survive in a global economy.

There are many more issues that need addressing, to make us a a prosperous nation. However, the above 7 points suffice for the purpose of this Eid message.


Fellow compatriots, today being the Festival of Sacrifice when Muslims slaughter animals for eating and sharing, I appeal to our Muslim brothers and sisters to share their Eid Al-Adha food/meat with our Christian brethren, neighbours, and all those disadvantaged people in our communities.

By sharing our food and festivities, we would be hitting two birds with one stone.

First of all, we would be promoting the true spirit of the Eid Al-Adha, as practised by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessings of God be upon him. Secondly, by sharing our food and festivities, we would be healing the rifts in our communities. It shows that despite our religious, political, and tribal differences, we are actually one people that share the same destiny.

Once more, Happy Eid Al-Adha to you and your beloved families. May the Almighty God accept our sacrifice and prayers. May HE bring unity, peace, progress, and prosperity to our fatherland. Amen.

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.